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August 1st, 2014: Today in Supernatural history we learned that Dean Winchester likes to wear women’s underwear.

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Put 2 celebrities in my ask,

based only on physical appearance, I’ll tell you who I prefer.

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Kataang or Makorra

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The Portland-filmed NBC hit show “Grimm” has started production again and thousands of extras will be needed from now through next spring, casting company officials announced Friday.

The series, now in its fourth season, is about a fictional Portland homicide detective who can see monsters from Grimm’s Fairy Tales. He’s a descendant of the famed German story-telling brothers of the 19th century.

Extras Only spokeswoman Sally Gates said casting for is open to all types and all ages, but especially the following:

  • Clean-cut men and women in their 30s to 60s
  • African American, Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern men and women 18+

At the moment, she said the show is also looking for actual boxers.

Applications are only accepted online. Click here to apply (use project code: GRIMM)

No prior experience is necessary and there are no fees to apply, Gates said.

"Working as an extra can be an adventurous and exciting experience, a great way to meet new people, learn firsthand about the behind-the-scenes of show business and make extra money while doing it," Gates said.

Most extras earn minimum wage, but featured extras can earn more. Extras are guaranteed eight hours of pay for each day they work.

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by Jas My Waffles


by Jas My Waffles

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KAMA SUTRA For Each Zodiac Sign!
How To Seduce Each Zodiac Sign
Zodiac Signs Being Drunk
If Each Zodiac Sign Was a Drug


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