I'd call it a multifandom blog, but I post (read: reblog) other things as well. There's a lot of mixture (read: nothing organised) in what I post (read: reblog). Yeah.
We will run and scream, you will dance with
me, we'll fulfill our dreams and we'll be free.

Tried accessing American Netflix because I saw several movies I wanted to watch, but I was too tired last night. So I thought, hey, tomorrow I’ll have time. Went onto the website. Was redirected to Hotspot Shield. Look, I’m already paying for Swedish Netflix (that, by the way, has nothing compared to the US version). I’m not paying for a tool to access Netflix, too. Stop that shite.

  #personal    #there's no way around it    #but i've also seen that people don't find hss to be working as good as hss say it will    #ffs i just wanna waste my day watching movies i didn't ask for this